Rare Select Models: 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Rare Select Models had their First Anniversary Party on 1st February at Junction House. In all honesty, I hadn’t expected a huge turnout. Being their first event, it’s a difficult task to create enough hype around an event that doesn’t already have a reputation for itself- event planners know this.

My friend and I arrived at 10:30pm and I was amazed at the queue and crowd outside the door. People were negotiating with the bouncers to get into the venue (don’t forget your IDs next time!)

As we entered the red- lit room, people were gathered around the bar, mingling and buzzing with anticipation. At the back of the back of the room projected on the wall, was a video of Rare Select Models. The club was peppered with pink balloons branded with the RSM logo. The crowd was like Instagram in real time, with the likes of some familiar faces like the wonderful @pxssypalace girls @nadineartois and @skylermyler, @simisear_ and @shakka.d.badmon making appearances.

Outfits were fierce and attitude was rife, from sports-luxe to fusions of dual identities, a true and diverse representation of Rare Select Models ethos.

Shortly after scoping out the venue, word spread that the first performance was about to begin downstairs. The first performance by @lizzykta was relaxed and melodic, which really suited the vibe of the first half of the evening.

There were a few events on at the same time, so we knew there would be club- hoppers. As the earlier crowd waned, the later crowd began to trickle in. As soon as the DJ played some Drake, the dancefloor downstairs swiftly filled up (love him or hate him—he gets the club going) and the night turned from tame to wild.

The next performance by @rasstokyo and @lashvanegro was full of energy, with the crowd circled around the duo, bouncing to the beat. We were loving it, Snapchat galore. And the night continued like that until the early hours of the morning.

The love shown for Rare Select Models on the night was overwhelming. Whether you were there to support our lovely founders and models, or just there for a good time- Thank you for coming out!

See you at the next event...

Words by Ayesha Ahmad

Images by Sara Ahmad


Link to all images of the night in the link below


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