MELISSA/RIDER X ROMANY FRANCESCA | Rare Select Models 2 Year Anniversary


To celebrate Rare Select Models 2nd year anniversary - on Wednesday 17th of April a free event was put on by Melissa Brazil shoes and Rider official, hosted by Romany Francesca Founder of Rare Select Models. Encouraging ‘creatives’ to network whilst being in a safe space, where one can fully enjoy in an environment where real conversations can be held whilst admiring Melissa/Rider new S/S19 shoe collection!

With free drinks all night thanks to @silverswiftdrinks sponsoring this event too, the best tunes from DJ @helenastarxo and amazing photography being taken throughout from @burneece on film.

As a photographer and founder of @rareselectmodels collaboratively trying to advance the creative industry - Romany Francesca finds it very important that there are more events where people within the creative industry based in London can connect with likeminded people instead of seeing the idealised life curated by people on social media.

Each of us have a have a perceptive and a journey untold in which many of us can relate to and be inspired from whether that’s to do with the size you are, ethnic background your from or the gender you identify with.

Redefine the global vision of beauty. It starts with showing different kinds of role model through the empowerment of others. We live in a generation where we can make our own mould and create a path that we see fit to represent people like us and others. We like to think Rare Select Models is a collaborative agency where we collaborate with other like minding people and organisations wanting to advance the fashion industry into someone recognisable and enjoyable and representative.

Thank you to @helene.selam.prosperitee and @protein @ginalucys @trudyyt and @melissaofficial @rideroficial