A collaborative success

On my arrival as Creative Director at Rare Select Models - Romany and I implemented the ‘RSM | Talent’ scheme inviting creatives to join our team and utilise their skills inspiring us and themselves. These range from photographers, videographers, social media experts, web designers, stylists and MUAs. When you apply we keep you in our books and will invite you to work on our future creative projects.


On the 25th of July 18, the agency organised a photoshoot working with a variety of talent who produced incredible results and we are very proud to build relationships with each one of them. Despite the inevitable scorching summer sun - the agency is incredibly proud of the entire creative team who worked hard and as a team. As a new member on the team, it was not only a fantastic opportunity to get stuck in and understand the agency’s operations but also a great way to meet the team and build more connections for the agency.

Our stylist @mikhaychay did such a great job with the styling - using traditional sophisticated looks and so seamlessly giving them an edgy look by using items that were striking and had range. Alongside @mikhaychay, our accessories stylist @goldlockrasta (Amber) came with a variety of products that were incorporated so well in the shoot. Some of the accessories acted as a catalyst to create such striking fashion moments which we are so proud of. Our on-set makeup artist @ninarosebeautie also did a wonderful job despite being on her own and working with several models in such a limited amount of time. Nina created some great looks blending in the makeup with the clothing to create a cohesive outcome while maintaining the models natural aesthetic as a USP.

When it comes to our photographers, the pictures speak for itself. The agency couldn’t be any more proud of the outcome of the images taken. Photographers we worked with included @hazel.hurley, @aisling_sam, @lalanoire_ (Chanel) and @elsiematilda - who all added their own twist to what they wanted to create.

The agency is incredibly proud of this shoot and we hope that our future projects are as successful. For future projects, we hope to imply our agencies ethics ‘Good intentions - good communication, good creative outlook, good drive and good future’.

Words Xavier Rodrigues