Rare Select Models 5 Question Hot Seat: TIMOTHY OGU

1.    How did you become interested in videography/photography?


There wasn’t a specific day that I can define as to when exactly I became interested in photography. However, when I was young I was really into football, and I remember I always used to be interested in adverts and the way in which they were presented. So for example football boots, every time a new release came out the graphics used to really interest me. Nike used to have a really interactive website and their adverts/campaigns would make me go on Youtube and just watch them.


I didn’t used to define it as photography and videography I would just think, “oh this is cool”. It wasn’t till I was in second year of college when I got my first DSLR camera and I was like YO there is a whole world out here! So basically a gradual build-up.


2.    If you had to round up your style of shooting in 5 words what it be?


That’s hard, my style is -  active, brash, refined, lively and vibrant.


3.    What do you think about the fashion industry today?


 The industry today is a sick place to be honest. There always needs to be work in terms of diversity across the board, not as just models but people of colour through to the photographer, in the boardrooms etc. The fashion industry is getting there, always changing. People don’t realise that there are social issues involved when you look at Fashion, the little things like what we wear and the fabrics we choose, things that you don’t realise has a knock on effect of how we see ourselves through what we wear. From people expressing themselves performs social values in society.


4.    Who are your favourite models (male and/or female) in the fashion industry and why?


I don’t really keep up with models as such (which may seem really bad) its more people I guess. Like I would really love to shoot Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean. In terms of women, Jorja Smith. More interested in people and their stories, draw something out of the people.


5.    What do you think about Rare Select Models?


I think Rare Select Models are sick! Everybody has a vibe and brings something to the table. They are comfortable with a sense of professionalism, here to work. Can’t wait to work with you guys in the future. 



Written and photographed by Romany-Francesca Mukoro